The NEOS warranty provides free repair on time and under the conditions described  below. The NEOS warranty does not limit your buyer's rights. This warranty is valid only in relation to the original purchaser of the Product and only in the territory of the Russian Federation.  If necessary, use the NEOS warranty, contact your dealer or service. NEOS customer support information.

Terms and Conditions of Warranty

The NEOS warranty covers material and manufacturing defects. As a result, the warranty does not cover all other defects and damages resulting from improper handling, incorrect settings, incorrect calibrations and installations, failure to comply with the requirements of the User’s Guide or Installation Guide, but also damage caused by external factors and normal wear and cosmetic damage. The NEOS warranty applies only to defects in materials and manufacturing defects, notifications received during the period of the NEOS warranty. The NEOS warranty is valid only after the presentation of the original (not in handwritten form) purchase document.
The NEOS warranty expires after a design or repair work performed by persons not authorized by NEOS, when a serial number is tampered with or removed, after upgrading or professional use of a consumer product. The repair decision is taken exclusively by NEOS. Replaced parts and assemblies become the property of NEOS.
The NEOS warranty does not include any other costs than repair or replacement costs. NEOS is not responsible for any loss or damage to software or media.

Production Warranty period Free service
service *
TV, refrigerator, air conditioning 1 year Not provided

* Includes free repair with free replacement of necessary spare parts. The term of free service starts from the date of purchase of products.